Icynene H2Foam Lite

Plus Pour Fill Insulation LD-C-50(p)

Icynene, the leading soft foam insulation and air barrier system, is becoming the industry standard for providing maximum building envelope performance. Icynene’s pour and spray formulations represent a breakthrough in the science of moisture and thermal management.

Icynene is the leading 100% water-blown foam insulation that minimizes air leakage for increased energy efficiency, creates a healthier indoor environment, reduces airborne sounds and offers greater design freedom. Icynene maintains its performance with no loss of thermal resistance over time. It does not shrink, sag or settle. Icynene adheres to most construction materials and is the perfect insulation for walls, attics, ceilings and floors.

Icynene’s pour fill variation is an insulation and air barrier that injects the latest building technology into an older building to maximize energy efficiency while still preserving its original architectural details. Icynene fills the wall cavity completely, starting at the bottom and slowly expanding upwards to 60 times its initial volume. Since Icynene expands in the direction of least resistance, it will not expand outward and damage the wall. The pour fill formula has a thermal conductivity of 0.034 – 0.039 W/mK.

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