ICYNENE H2Foam Lite (LD-C-50) is the product that made the Icynene name synonymous with superior-quality spray foam insulation. It has been used in thousands of residential and commercial projects since 1986, consistently outperforming traditional insulation types. – Open-cell – 8kg/m3 – thermal Conductivity 0.039 W/mK. – Light density – 100% water-blown – HFC- and PBDE-free.

Icynene also has a breathability of 0.0049L/sec/m2 which allows all materials in contact including timber to breathe naturally.

Icynene is the only 100% water blown foam on the market and therefore emits no gasses or obnoxious smells during or after application.

Icynene is the only 100% open cell foam on the market and is the only foam to publish air permeability figures demonstrating that it is truly an air barrier system.

After extensive and strenuous testing The Icynene Insulation System has received full BBA (British Board of Agrement) Certification for direct application to breathable and non breathable felts, membranes and bituminous felts.

Icynene has also received an enhanced BBA certification to spray directly onto roof tiles/slate, without the need for applying a membrane beforehand.

This process involved practical applications to a variety of roof structures at the BBA testing facility in Watford in addition to conclusive hygrothermal and condensation risk analysis testing. Icynene passed these tests because of lower water absorption, higher vapour resistance and certified breathability.

This certification allows for Icynene to be applied safely to existing structures such as sloping roofs, dormer style houses & attic spaces.

Icynene is certified and approved by the European Technical Approval Board (ETA), National Standard Authority of Ireland/Irish Agrement Board (NSAI/IAB).

Icynene spray foam insulation can be installed in both new and existing homes, and even in the most unusual designs. It adheres to wood and steel frames alike and is effective in any climate.

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